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We Deliver – You Succeed

Our team combines our proven track record of thousands of successful CRM implementations with our passion for delivering ROI & superior service and puts all that to work on your unique project. This frees up your team to focus on what you do best – building profitable relationships with your prospects & customers and closing sales.

Stacy Roach

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Stacy Roach has over 20 years of sales, sales management & marketing experience with more than 15 years focussed on sales enablement technologies like CRM and e-mail marketing.

She started Power of 3 Consulting, Inc. right before the dot com bust of 2001 – excellent timing! She quickly realized that while folks didn’t have much of a budget for sales strategy consulting & coaching, they would fund projects that would help them increase revenue- whether that was through generating and converting more leads, or tools & skills that accelerated the sales cycle and resulted in more closed deals. Using her sales background to solve these problems allowed her to build a successful CRM consultancy.

Stacy cut her teeth selling in down economies, starting with her first technology sales job in the recession of the early 90’s and then again starting Po3inc in the dot com bust era. Stacy’s success in selling and building a business through less than ideal economic times solidified her belief that sales is equal parts hard work, skill and knowledge.

In addition to her successful consulting practice, she is a speaker, author and event organizer. She lives in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area and when she’s not tirelessly supporting her customers, she very much enjoys cooking, wine tasting, travel and spending time with her t̶w̶o̶ three dogs and her 20 year old son Max, when he’s around.

Virtual Global Team

Po3 Global Team

Po3 Global Team

We’ve been in the technology world a long time, and we’ve built an amazing and talented virtual team of specialists that we can pull onto any project for our clients.

At Po3 we don’t want to build a large, full-time staff, so we’ve vetted the best of the best in the freelance world and we draw on this deep reservoir of talent when we need it.

We think this makes us nimble and able to scale with our client projects. Plus we don’t have a lot of the employee overhead that drives a lot of other organizations, which often makes us super competitive.