Filtering CRM Data for Fun & Profit

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Zoho’s New CRM

Zoho CRM recently unveiled their new CRM and we’re devoting a few blog posts to the coolest new features. But beyond cool, these are enhancements that will make you more productive and help you increase revenue and reduce expenses.

Click here for Zoho’s “What’s New?” post.

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Fun with Filters!

Having a CRM database with all of your leads, prospect and customers is awesome… but only if you can easily find the right data at the right moment. With Zoho CRM’s new Advanced Filters, narrowing in on the information you need, quickly, is easier than ever.

The new filtering options provide you and your team myriad ways of getting right to the most important information and then acting on that information:

  • Deals closing this month that haven’t had any activity from your team. Now you can follow up to ensure you seal the deal.
  • Leads that have no open activity associated with them. Revive a cold lead and close a new sale.
  • Leads or deals that have overdue tasks. Get to those actions and reschedule, delegate or just, you know, do it.


Advanced Filters


<– Click image to view gif of filtering steps.




Help! I have questions!

If you want to learn more, or have questions about how Zoho CRM can help your organization, book a Zoho CRM Blitz Q&A with me here.

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