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Zoho’s New CRM

Zoho CRM recently unveiled their new CRM and we’re devoting a few blog posts to the coolest new features. But beyond cool, these are enhancements that will make you more productive and help you increase revenue and reduce expenses. Click here for Zoho’s “What’s New?” post.
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Today’s Zoho CRM feature? SalesInbox.


coffee's for closers

You can’t be in sales and not have heard that famous quote about coffee being for closers only. Glengarry Glen Ross is a brutal film about the ugly side of sales.

Zoho CRM’s new SalesInbox is Email for Closers – what if you could view your inbox – yes, that unholy behemoth of distractions, drivel and deals – and hone in on the really important stuff first? Like Deals? Leads? SalesInbox lets you do just that.

Here’s a list of my top 8* fave things about SalesInbox:

  1. Prioritize your emails and get to the most important emails first.
  2. View contextual details from your CRM database right in the email list in a timeline view.
  3. Do CRM tasks via drag & drop right from your inbox. Things like, create a lead, contact or deal.
  4. Stop using your inbox as a de-facto to-do list – move emails to tasks.
  5. Add reminders to emails so you don’t forget to respond within a set time.
  6. Don’t let important follow-up fall through the cracks, with ResponseWatch – SalesInbox will ping you when you DON’T get a response.
  7. Use personalized templates to save time and track opens & clicks. Even see which team member has the best open and click rates on their email templates.
  8. And of course SalesInbox works on your mobile device, so you can be just as productive on the go.

*Why 8 and not 10? Because I created the list without a number in mind and don’t really want to add 2 fluff things to make the list a nice, round 10.



Inbox prioritized.




SalesInbox ResponwWatch



Waiting for a response? Let ResponseWatch monitor it for you.



SalesInbox Lead Creation


Create leads, contacts & deals automatically from your Inbox.





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