Take an Unplugged Vacation – I Am

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As you read this, I’m on a beach in Hawaii. Or at least I hope I am. Self-care is important for everyone. But it’s especially important for entrepreneurs. In 16 years of owning my own consulting business, I think I’ve taken less than 5 totally unplugged breaks. Normal people call these “vacations”.

As a business owner, vacations are a luxury. Stepping away and completely unplugging from your business is:
a. scary
b. impossible
c. risky
d. all of the above

Yet the benefits of unplugging are so enticing:
a. reconnect with people in your life
b. increased focus & creativity when you get back to work
c. improvements in your health – lowered blood pressure, better sleep and less depression
d. a fresh mindset

How am I accomplishing this? Read my next blog post.

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