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Why Train?
  • Training is the number one way to dramatically increase your return on investment (ROI) for your CRM tool. Why? Because the number one reason most CRM implementations fail is lack of user adoption. Training radically improves user adoption.

    We aren’t talking about some boring classroom training here, our specialty is customized training, on your own database, with real world data. And, if we say so ourselves, we are pretty entertaining. Which is important if you want to keep user’s attention and focus. If they check out during the training, you may as well just throw those training dollars out the window – really. Training is the key to optimizing success.

What Do Our Customers Say About Our Training?

“Our trainers were awesome; they made our training fun and interactive! They certainly know the ins and outs of Act! and were able to answer every question we threw at them. We have been very happy with the new level of functionality and usability as well as the ability to service our clients expeditiously.” Nadine Flaherty, CMG Mortgage

“Power of 3 Consulting did a remarkable job with training our staff on Act!. We were two versions behind, and they made it a painless and seamless transition. We had absolutely no down time, and they worked to fit my schedule. I would not hesitate to use their services again.” Mike Cousins, ACData Solutions

“The Po3 1:1 coaching / phone consulting has been tremendously valuable for me and my growing company. I have attended generic Act! training classes in the past and there is absolutely no comparison in terms of effectiveness. In a class you learn what is taught and typically the material is geared toward the novice user and not specific to the needs of an everyday user. In my opinion there is no better way to go about solving specific Act! problems.” Brad Harmon, First Star Capital

“Terrific class … fantastic time saving tips, plus insights into Act! behind the screens. A plus for all Act! users.” Patti Gutleben, Solar Dawn, LLC

“Until Power of 3 Consulting, we struggled with the utilization of our networked Act! program. In addition to being experts with Act! and related software, they understand what Sales and Sales Management is all about. Power of 3 Consulting has made a tremendous difference in our use and results from the Act! program. I highly recommend them. They’re the best.” Mark Copeland, CEO, Weidner Signage

“The Act! course has helped our organization to better service all of our clients and prospects. Now we are able to pull reports, track calls, set meetings and send mass mailings with ease – without this class, that wouldn’t be possible. Thanks Again.” Zach Brockman, Modesto Nuts Professional Baseball Team