Unleash the Rain – July 12, 2016 Live Blogging Experiment

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So I’m going to try to live blog my weekly radio show, Unleash the Rain, today. The show is live every Tuesday from 4-6 pm pacific and we broadcast on MutinyRadio.FM. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, feel free to drop by the studio at 2781 21st St, San Francisco, CA 94110 at 21st & Florida in the beautiful Mission District of San Francisco. Bring pie. Or Coffee. Or both!

I keep saying I’m going to blog after every show, but you know what? I don’t. So I am going to try an experiment today and live blog DURING THE show. So if you want to listen in live, go to MutinyRadio.FM and click the speaker icon on the right side of the page where it says Click Here to Listen Live: If you want to hear the podcast after the fact, go here and they are listed by date. Or, super easy, subscribe on iTunes, just search for “Unleash the Rain” (without quotes.)

My goal is to blog the relevant details of each show (these may be super short blogs) and tag the time in the show so if you just want to hear that bit, you can fast forward to that in the podcast. If you’re listening live, I’m going to post updates to the blog periodically, but you cannot fast forward through any of our nuttiness. And we’re kinda nutty.

Since it’s a weekly show, I’ve broken down the content monthly along a broadly thematic line:

First Tuesday: SME’s on SME; Subject Matter Experts on Sales & Marketing Enablement
Second Tuesday: Keep Your Eye on the Ball; Why Operations Stuff is Important Even if it’s not Terribly Exciting
Third Tuesday: Geek Week! The Latest Tech Stuff, Gadgets and a Whole Lotta Productivity Porn
Fourth Tuesday: The Enlightened Entrepreneur: Keep your Sanity and Your Company/Job/Family/Life

Today being the Second Tuesday, it’s all ops, baby. Not to totally scare the crap out of you, but it’s just past the halfway point of the year. What can/should you be doing at this point in the year to make sure your operational projects are in good shape, what projects you might want to line up for the end of the year (which is just around the freakin’ corner, I know, right?) and what projects you should absolutely put on ice until 2017. Yes, I just said 2017. Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

If you have any questions, you can reach us live during the show on the station bat line at 415-550-0511 or via our Facebook page or Twitter.

OK, from here on out, it’s gonna be live blogging, for better or worse!

12 min: Discussion of how important backups are for every company.
18 min: Questions from audience member, Scorpio, on WordPress hosting & driving web traffic
30 min: Discussing SEO
45 min: Using Twitter & Hashtags & link shorteners
55 min: Facebook for advertising
72 min: Office furniture and writing while standing
86 min: Operations stuff for the rest of the year!!! If you are thinking about changing or upgrading your accounting system, now is the time to start planning. Use this time to clean up and archive old data. And if you’ve integrated your accounting system with your CRM, if you move one, you are likely going to have to move the other as well. If you’ve only been on a legacy client/server based accounting package, like Quickbooks, now is also the time to look at cloud based alternatives. That process should start with looking at your detailed business & technical requirements. Make sure it’s not what you have now, but what you need and might be able to implement if you weren’t hindered by your legacy system(s).

Well, that was fun, I’ll get better with the timing of the topics, I’m not used to tracking the time with each topic. It’s also hard to blog and talk at the same time. What I will say is that having Scorpio in the studio asking questions about blogging and tweeting and hosting was super fun and I love to talk about that cool marketing stuff. We did still get to half year plan check and end of year planning for critical operational stuff.

Would love any feedback on this live blogging experiment…


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