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Happy 2017! I don’t know about you, but I don’t set New Year’s Resolutions, mostly because I’ve not had a lot of luck sticking with them over the years.

Instead what I’ve done for about the last 5 years is pick a word, or words around a broad theme that describes, at least in part, what I want for that year. Sort of an intention, if you will.

In the past it’s been things like “Focus, Engage & Connect”, “Moving Forward”, “Radical Abundance” and more. You can probably tell that some years are more woo-woo than others.

I also usually talk about my words with my dear friend, Susan, who does the same thing. She’s super creative and crafty and we’ve even made little boards with our words on them to have in our offices. One year she made one for me, and I was so touched.

I had trouble finding words for this year, and for a while I wasn’t sure why. Reflecting further I realized that while I’m trying to stay very positive about what 2017 holds for me, my family and my business, I am also acutely aware of some very real challenges we will be facing. It’s hard, for me anyway, to drum up positivity and purpose when I’m worried or fearful. So what I did what click on this silly Facebook gizmo that scrolled through a bunch of random words and when you clicked on it, it would give you your word for 2017. (A friend got “Taco”.) I played 4 times and got these words:

  • Love
  • Creativity
  • Abundance
  • Midas Touch

I actually like all 4, very much. Finding a theme to weave them together was more of a challenge. In thinking about the upcoming year one concept that I came back to again and again is that quote “perfection is the enemy of done”. But you don’t really want to position intentions like this in the negative, so I decided to go with the quote “Done is Better Than Perfect.”

"Done is Better Than Perfect."

“Done is Better Than Perfect.”

I like to correctly provide attribution to quotes in my writing, but it turns out that both versions of those 2 phrases have been said in somewhat similar ways, by a lot of people, including Voltaire, Confucius, Shakespeare and (if you believe the interwebs) Mark Zuckerberg. Whoever said it, I really like this quote from Brene Brown on perfection: “When perfectionism is driving us, shame is riding shotgun and fear is that annoying backseat driver.”

Brené Brown Quote on Perfectionism

Brené Brown Quote on Perfectionism

So back to my words/themes for 2017. I played around with those words and the perfection quote for a bit and came up with this:

“I am filled with love and creativity and will take in the abundance of life and share that abundance freely. Using my Midas Touch I will more forward, ever mindful that done is better than perfect.”

Yeah. That. I like it. And it sums up what I hope 2017 is all about. While I know there will be challenges ahead, I’m also hopeful and trust that this coming year will also bring lots of good things.

What about you? Any 2017 resolutions, words or themes you’d like to share?

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