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  • Plan – We’ve done this a few hundred times and one thing we know for sure? Successful projects start with clear and detailed requirements. We work with the decision makers and power users to detail & document your unique business requirements for the project and identify the points of integration with existing systems. During this process we are constantly searching for the return on investment that your organization can realize from the project. The work product from this phase becomes our shared blueprint for success.

    Do – Execution is the name of the game. We apply rigorous project management to your implementation and provide frequent communication. But we’re flexible, because sometimes what you need is just an expert resource for your own team, and we are happy to play whatever role best adds value.

    Check – This step is critical. Whether it’s new software, new processes or both, change is hard. We work with our clients to facilitate change management and make sure that your investment doesn’t languish, unused. Training is key here, no doubt. But getting up and running on new systems and platforms can be a big change, and change management is totally in our wheel house.

    Act – Our goal is to leave you with all the knowledge, skills and information to carry on without us. Of course, we’re available if you need us, but the goal of all this software and technology is to make it easier for you to get on with the business of your business.

  • Here’s just a smattering of the types of customers we can help

    1. Companies looking to select and deploy a CRM system.
    2. Companies that want to integrate their CRM with other business critical systems and applications.
    3. Organizations looking to reduce their IT infrastructure spending.
    4. Executives and Managers needing better data to make better decisions.
    5. Road Warriors that need easy access to all their data, everywhere.
    6. Marketing teams that want to generate more leads.
    7. Sales folks needing to close more business.
    8. IT groups wanting guidance effectively deploying a CRM solution to their end users.
    9. Individuals wanting solutions to grow their business.
    10. Organizations wanting to build and maintain relationships.
  • User Adoption & Training – the #1 reason most software implementations fail? Lack of user adoption. We offer fun (yes, we said fun!) training and coaching services with the focus on how the new software will improve your user’s day-to-day tasks. Read more about our Training Services here.

    Customization – database fields, views, reports, dashboard, sales process, user access, etc. We can make your database really work for your business instead of?  the other way around.

    Deployment & Security – mobile access, smart phones, tablets, servers, remote databases. We structure  a deployment model that makes getting to your data easy for your users. But safe. After all, your customer data is one of your most valuable assets.

    Reports & Dashboards – the information you need, when you need it and formatted so that it’s easy to use.

    Importing – where is your data now? Outlook, Excel, other systems, old databases? We can get that data cleaned up, de-duped and into your new CRM database quickly and accurately.

    Integration – need your CRM database to work with other systems like accounting, operations, marketing? We can get them all talking to each other.

  • We try very hard to be easy to work with, and to that end we provide the following consulting & training plan options:

    Pay As You Go – Consulting Services are provided on a time & materials basis for an hourly rate. This is an ideal option if you only need an hour of two of consulting and support. Training Services are provided on a full, half or quarter day rate, making this a great option if you just want to bring us in for a quick training session or two.

    Preferred Client Plans – One of our most popular options, our Preferred Client Plans are basically pre- paid blocks of time, purchased at a discount over our normal Pay-As-You-Go rates. We also add-in free bonus hours based on the plan you purchase. For example, our Silver plan is 10 hours, and we add an additional, free hour. This plan provides a total savings of $395 versus our Pay-As-You-Go plan. You can use the hours in our Preferred Client Plans for general consulting on what CRM to choose, how to get more out of your CRM application, specific tasks like customizing fields, views and reports in your CRM application as well as 1:1 coaching for your users. We have plans with 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 hours.

    Fixed Price Projects – If you want to have a clear understanding of the total scope and cost of your project, then Fixed Price is the best option. We start with a needs analysis, documenting your unique business and technical requirements. We can then provide you with a detailed implementation plan and the fixed costs to accomplish that plan. For more information on the plans and pricing, please click here.